Giving YOU the POWER to HEAL Yourself!

The MOST Powerful and effective Self-Healing System in the world or your Money Back!

  • Pain Relief
  • Stress Relief
  • Release Emotional Blockages
  • Sleep, Relax, Meditate
  • Spontaneous Self Healing
  • Spontaneous Exersice
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarentee

Do you Experience ANY of the Following?

  • Do you have a back, neck, shoulder or joint problem?
  • Do you have a physical problem and nothing seems to help?
  • Do you suffer from any kind of physical and or emotional pain?
  • Do you suffer from stress, anxiety, fear, phobia and or emotional blockage?
  • Have you been to the doctor and are fed up of taking painkillers and pills that don’t resolve the underlying issue?
  • Have you tried everything to resolve the problem but nothing seems to work!
  • Have you spent lots of money with nothing to show for it?
  • Are you fed up of getting one problem after another and feel you are losing control of your life?

If the Answer is "YES" to any of the above then we could really help!

"After the pain had gone in my shoulders I still could not accept it and it took me a whole day to come to terms with the idea. The next day I realised it was not my imagination. My shoulders were completely straight." [Dislocated shoulder, intense pain and mis-alignment due to a bad fall]

Wilf. Oaks - Manchester
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Mike Shaw
I'm a Builder and I'm Empowered

Tim Marner
I'm an Image Consultant and I'm Empowered

The result of 22 years research and development, Empower Technology is now believed to be the MOST Powerful and effective Self-Healing System in the world or your Money Back!

Zvikler Healing Research was founded in 1994 and over the past 22 years I have been researching into the amazing power of the Body and Mind. This quest was triggered by a sequence of unexplainable events that would change the way I saw the world and take me on an incredible journey of self discovery!

As human beings we are only able to see, hear and/or perceive a very limited range of the known frequency spectrum. Although we cannot see radio and WiFi frequencies we have developed an understanding of the way they work and now take them for granted.

Back in 1989 I had an experience where an unseen magnetic type force, seemed to cause the body of a patient to spontaneously correct itself. At the time I had no idea what was happening, however, at the end of what seemed to be totally involuntary movements, their spine straightened up! It seemed miraculous to me and I vowed to uncover the secrets behind this process.

In 1993, I discovered a way for anyone to independently trigger, what I then called, the Healing Effect. For the first time, without many years of mental training, a person could tap into their own Higher Self, (also known as the Super Conscious) and trigger spontaneous self healing and so much more.

The Empower System and the Empower Disc is completely unique and has nothing to do with: Hypnotherapy, NLP, Re-connective Healing, Connective Healing (Deep Tissue Massage/Manipulation), The Placebo Effect, Psychotherapy and or any other therapy, practice or system.

Dr Daniel Rubins
I'm a Consultant and I'm Empowered

Melanie Williams
I'm a Professional Singer and I'm Empowered

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What does Empower Disc do?

We have all heard stories about mother's who were able to summon superhuman strength to save their babies from life threatening situations or Buddhist monks able to tolerate incredible levels of pain without breaking sweat! Many of these extraordinary events involve ordinary people who discover they have incredible abilities which have been accidentally triggered. It is therefore obvious that all humans possess innate abilities that most of us are totally unaware of and under the right set of circumstances it is possible to activate them!

When confronted with life threatening situations many people say that something inside them seemed to takeover and they went into a kind of auto pilot where they were merely an observer and it seemed that their body and mind new exactly what to do! It was as if they were able to access a different part of their brain which took over and did everything for them. We call this part of the mind the "Higher Self".

The Higher Self is an untapped resource that all humans possess and the Empower Disc is a key or switch that gives you instant access to its incredible abilities.

Hilary Knowles
I'm Retired and I Feel Empowered

My Name is Jo
I had Endometriosis of the Ovaries and now I don't.

How does Empower Disc work?

Have you noticed that some people make you feel uncomfortable while others have a calming influence? That's because, although we cannot see them, everyone has a unique electromagnetic energy field that surrounds their body and what we are feeling is our energy field interacting with theirs. People with similar energy fields feel comfortable and relaxed around each other while people with conflicting energy fields feel uncomfortable in each others presence.

Some people like healers, have a unique energy field that seems to trigger other peoples natural self healing processes and can make you feel better in minutes. Other people have even more remarkable energy systems that allow others to access heightened states of awareness when they are in their presence. In simplistic terms the Empower Disc is a storage device for these energy patterns allowing the user to not only trigger spontaneous self-healing but instantaneously tap into the amazing power of their Higher Self.

The Empower Disc is self powered through its interaction with your energy field giving you access to your Higher Self and all that means. By following some very simple instructions you can do all kinds of completely natural but amazing things from high speed self healing to improved mental acuity.

The Empower Disc is truly amazing but it is you and not the disc that has the power to make the positive change, it is your own Higher Self that's relieving your pain, resolving the emotional issue and or making you feel better virtually instantaneously!

Watch a Demo on How to Operate the Empower Disc

  • It Feels Amazing
  • Triggers Involuntary Self Healing Movements
  • People Often Feel A Tingling Warm Sensation
  • Triggers the Body's Own Self Healing System
  • Communicate With Your Higher Self
  • Often Triggers Gentle Tai Chi Like Movements

What You Get With Your Empower Disc!

With your Empower Disc you will receive access to Level One of our Members Area which includes lots of amazing online Personal  Development Tools.

[This section is under construction - Empower Disc available as from 1st January 2017]

Empower Disc

The Empower Disc

The Empower Disc is a simple to use Personal Development & High Speed Self Healing Device. When purchasing one of these devices you will also receive a cord and pouch should you wish to wear or keep your disc in your pocket etc.

Simple Instruction Manual & Workbook

Instruction Manual & Work Book

Also included with the Quick Start System is a Printable PDF Manual covering the above PLUS a Workbook designed to identify all the areas of your life where the system could help you and show you how you can use the system to improve your health and well-being.

  • Getting Started Guide
  • Activating the Empower Disc
  • Correcting Physical Problems
  • Pain Relief
  • Stress Relief
  • Spontaneous Self-Exercise
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Simple Unblocking
  • Relieve Obsessive Thinking
  • Removing Negative Expectations

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

The Empower Disc has many amazing functions. These videos show you how to operate your Empower Disc in a simple way for many everyday issues including:

Video Tutorials

Personal Transformation System

The Personal Transformation System, is the Ultimate Personal Development System which utilises Higher Self communication to install incredible personal development software for your Body, Mind & Spirit! The Empower Personal Transformation System has been developed over the last 22 years and uses all your senses to send a series of powerful instructions to your Higher Self, allowing you to make positive changes, in 12 key areas of your life!

  • Unlock Your Inner Power & Motivation
  • The Magical Power Of Happiness
  • Love Yourself From The Inside Out
  • Program Your Mind For Success
  • Attracting Positive Abundance
  • Positive Health & Well-Being
  • Magical Relationships
  • Successful Careers
  • Get Rid Of Bad Habits
  • Develop Enhanced Learning Skills
  • Spiritual Development
  • Get Rid Of Negative Conditioning
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Gail Pinner - Therapist & Ex Nurse

What is intuition?  If you had asked me this question 10 years ago I would probably have said something like “Intuition is a sort of knowing, you’re not sure how you know - you just do”.

These days, and through continuous use of the Em-Power Disc system, my answer would be more along the lines of “Intuition is the ability to access an inner guidance or store of knowledge that is always available, helpful and relevant.

Even the word “Intuition” breaks down to “IN” “TUITION” or “Inner teacher” As an Empower Practitioner, I see numerous clients each year. In the majority of cases there is a limited time to:

A)     Take a record of necessary formal information
B)     Establish why the person has come to see me
C)     Find a strategy or program to help them

If I had to do this using standard non-Empower methods I would find it almost impossible, many people travel quite long distances to see me and I try whenever possible to only see them once so time management is important to me.

However by connecting my clients to their Higher Selves and me being continuously connected to mine via the Empower System, it is easy for me to access relevant information that is pertinent to their current issues.

I have always seen this as two computers (in this case biological, energetic, computers) interfacing and exchanging information. I receive feedback - sometimes as thoughts, and often as physical sensations that exactly mirror what the client has been or is at that moment experiencing, this enables me to monitor the progress of any physical changes as they occur.  I also feel emotions and sense thoughts, this is probably more correctly termed empathy, but as the sensations usually come with intuitive guidance as well, then for me empathy and intuition are clearly linked.

These abilities are not restricted by the client being near to me. I can connect to people at great distances from me. Although I can do this to some degree even if the person does not have an Empower disc, it is very much more effective if they do have one as I can then activate any program on the system for them and they will feel the positive effects regardless of where they are. I can also do this when people have been with me within a time window of about 24-48 hours after I have seen someone as they are still holding the frequency of the disc within their own energetic field, even though they do not have a disc with them any more.

So in conclusion, I believe that we all possess innate abilities in a whole range of areas, included in this would be the ability to be intuitive and empathic. But all of these abilities can also be improved and enhanced until they become honed to a skill level. I have worked hard to improve my abilities as a therapist, but using the Empower disc has advanced my innate abilities many fold. This is for a number of reasons, I have done much work on myself to clear my own energy field of old traumas and blockages, etc. I have studied all of the programs in the system and also the new ones as they have been created. Through hard work and continuous professional development, my connection to my Higher Self is so much clearer and so I am more able to achieve to my full intuitive potential through working with my own “Inner Teacher” so that this has become a much more seamless relationship.


12 Self Help Audio Programs

Self-Help Audio Library

Each Program contains an Instructional Track, a Guided Visualisation Track, and a Subliminal Track which means there are Positive Affirmations behind the sound of ocean waves. Once you are registered, you will be able to listen to these audio programs via the Members Area of this website and download them on to your smart phone for mobile use.

The Key to Gabriel - By Coby Zvikler

Free E-Book

This book is my very first, and is interesting as it chronicles my personal journey up to 1998, a couple of years after the release of the Empower Disc, or Em-Power Disc as it was known in those days. It also explains the various aspects of the "SELF" as well as the role of the Higher Self in our daily lives. A lot has happened since this book's publications, but it gives you an overview and general understanding of what Higher Self Communication could do for you!

Read Foreward - By Leslie Kenton +

Foreword by Leslie Kenton

Years of experimenting, soul-searching and just plain hard work lie behind Coby Zvikler’s approach to healing. What he calls Empower Therapy has evolved out of it. This therapy is admirable, first because it does not impose any philosophical or religious set of beliefs on anyone using it, nor does it place responsibility for healing in the hands of any but the person seeking it. Coby’s therapy honours the inner wisdom of the individual soul. Finally, the whole purpose of Em-Power Therapy is to support what Coby calls an individual’s Higher Self – helping him or her alleviate illness and pain as well as helping to expand awareness and realise one’s highest potentials.

The Empower Disc, created by Coby, is a simple carrier of energetic information designed to enrich communication between one’s conscious mind and the deepest levels of healing wisdom in the body. It helps make the link between the two so that the Higher Self can get on with the job of restoring and enhancing harmony, strength and well being. In the process, it helps strengthen an individual’s autonomy and focuses a person’s goals in working with it. How well it works for you mostly depends on how willing you are to work with it.

On a personal level, Coby is a sincere, intelligent and compassionate man with a wonderful sense of humour. He possesses a willingness ever to learn and to grow. He is honest and without a trace of the self-importance which so often comes in the wake of becoming a well-known and successful healer.

What he has created with this book is the beginning of what I expect to be an ever evolving, self-directed system for enhancing the quality of life, energy and joy. It has many blessings to bring to those of us in need of help.

I wish both Coby and this book Godspeed. They more than deserve it.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Getting Started Package is the most cost-effective and risk-free way of checking out the Empower System over a 30 day period and appreciating how valuable it is as a self-help, self-healing and personal development tool. If you are not absolutely blown away by the system, simply return it within 30 days for a FULL refund excluding postage and packing.

Where to Get Your Empower Disc

Try the Empower Disc

The Empower Disc is a simple to use Personal Development & High Speed Self Healing Device. When purchasing one of these devices you will receive access to our Members Area where you will discover all the resources you need to make the most of your Empower Disc.

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Other Empower Products Developed by Coby Zvikler

Learn about the Practitioner Disc

Once you have seen the benefit of operating an Empower Disc you could then upgrade to one of our incredible Empower Practitioner Discs which incorporates  many additional functions. After using this disc on yourself for a few weeks you then have the option to learn to become an Empower Practitioner by attending our 4 Day Course. Click here to learn more....

Learn about the Empower Phone Disc

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Research & Development

Over the last 22 years thousands of people from all walks of life have used this technology with great success. In fact the original Empower Disc is still being used today, despite being over 20 years old they still work perfectly! Anything that is used on a daily basis and still works after 20 years has got to be a good investment.

As we are primarily a research company, with technology considered by many to be 50 years ahead of its time, you may not have heard about us before! Now that the world is catching up technologically speaking and people are getting used to using new, and more and more incredible innovations, we believe that now is the time for us to show more people what we do and how we do it.

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Years of experimenting, soul-searching and just plain hard work lie behind Coby Zvikler’s approach to healing. This therapy is admirable, first because it does not impose any philosophical or religious set of beliefs on anyone using it, nor does it place responsibility for healing in the hands of any but the person seeking it.
Leslie Kenton - Best Selling Author

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The Empower Disc is only available through registered Empower Heath Ambassador or Practitioners. The Empower Disc is not a cure or even a treatment, it is an amazing Self-Communication & Self-Healing System, we make no claims regarding a specific outcome but offer a full 30-Day Money back Guarantee. Please read our terms & conditions as well as disclaimer before purchase.