What is it?

The Practitioner Disc sits right at the top of the Empower product range – it is quite simply the most powerful personal transformation tool in the world!

Before reading this section, it’s important that you have familiarised yourself with all the features and benefits of the Empower Disc – only then will you be able to appreciate just how amazing the Practitioner Disc we’re about to describe really is!

Imagine an entire library of encoded information at your fingertips – every program your mind, body and spirit could ever need to make you the best possible version of yourself. Now imagine not needing to know which programs are relevant to you, because your Higher Self will automatically identify the ones you need. These are the benefits of the Practitioner Disc in a nutshell!

How does it work?

Coby has been working hard to develop the ultimate product in the Empower Disc range since January 5th 1999. His goal was to create not only the most powerful device possible, but to make it as simple as possible to operate. After many years of dedicated research and development he discovered the way to achieve this was by harnessing the power of energy fields created when a modified Empower Disc was rotated over a concentric larger disc that contained all the Empower Programs ever developed.

Simply by rotating the Practitioner Disc’s inner dial through 24 distinct positions, pausing at each one, all the programs you need to optimise your life on a physical, mental or spiritual level at that moment are automatically ‘downloaded’ and sequenced for activation. There is no need to give verbal instructions, although it will accept them.  There is no need to know the cause of a problem in order to resolve it. All you have to do is turn the wheel - and even then your Higher Self will tell you exactly when you should do that!

What's the difference between the Practitioner Disc & Other Devices?

The standard Empower Disc is a combination of hardware and software and contains the “Empower Operating System” (EOS) plus some other pre-installed programs such as the Quick Start (QS) and Personal Transformation System (PTS). Both these programs require external downloads and/or triggers to send information to your Higher Self Intelligence before it can initiate the process that will resolve your specific issues (e.g. listening to the PTS audio program).

The Practitioner Disc is entirely different! As you turn the inner dial, you gain access to every Empower program ever developed to target your specific problem, goal or issue, so you don’t have to receive the activation programming as an external download. The Practitioner Disc sequences programs for optimum effect and then activates them as appropriate. Quite literally 95% of the work is done for you – automatically!

Why is it called the Practitioner Disc?

The Practitioner Disc got its name because, with the appropriate training, a therapist (or anyone wanting to help others) can use it to determine the programs that are needed to resolve any specific issue or combination of issues that are specific to individual clients. They can also learn how to download these personalised programs almost instantly to their client’s own regular Empower Disc if appropriate, using a special download function.

The Practitioner Disc has lots of different functions that are not found on any of our other devices. For example, a Practitioner Disc can reset a regular Empower Disc to its default settings in less than 60 seconds. It can also record the configuration of a person’s energy field and/or any other energy-based system for analysis recalibration and/or reproduction.

But new Practitioner Disc users must always begin by operating the Practitioner Disc on themselves first. Only after a three month period of Self Use are users eligible to attend one of our 4-Day Practitioner Disc Courses, where the more advanced functions of the Practitioner Disc are fully explained and demonstrated, and comprehensive guidance is given regarding the Empower Code of Practice and how to work with clients.

Because this is such a powerful tool, it is a condition of sale that Practitioner Disc users refrain from using their Disc on others until they have successfully completed our 4 day Practitioner Disc Course.

The next step....

The Practitioner Disc comes fully loaded with additional functions designed for Practitioner to use after they have completed our 4-Day Course

  • Diagnostic Function
  • Surragate Activation For Chair Or Bed Bound Patients
  • Download to Empower Disc Function
  • Reset Function
  • Healing Down the Phone Function

Just how powerful is the Practitioner Disc?

If you are new to Empower technology and have never experienced the Empower Disc, it would be understandable for you to be very sceptical about the Practitioner Disc. However, if you have experienced the benefits of Empower Technology it’s not such a stretch for your imagination to consider the possibility of the existence of such a device.

Energy medicine is based on the idea that energy and information is inescapably linked. In fact, energy is information and vice versa, and on a subatomic level all matter is merely energy vibrating at a specific frequency. Our so-called ‘reality’ and our very existence is reliant on the stability of the vibrational frequencies of energetic molecules. All energy-based healing practices work through the concept of harmonic vibrational resonance which is created within the body with the aid of the mind.

Our thoughts and feelings have an influence over our body’s vibrational resonance. When you’re relaxed your energy field changes, and these changes can be proved using Kirlian photography. Every healing form from Reiki to Tai Chi has its own unique energy field which can be recorded onto an Empower Disc and accessed by the user through their Higher Self.

To begin to understand the capabilities of the Practitioner Disc you need to open your mind to the seemingly impossible. Imagine if every single healing form/method could be recorded onto one disc. Now imagine that any or all of those various methods could be fine-tuned to a person’s individual situation and applied automatically on a moment by moment basis.

How powerful would that be?

The Practitioner Disc includes:

  • Practitioner Disc & Pouch
  • Instruction Manual
  • All the Online Content From Empower Disc Levels 1 & 2
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Life Membership to Friends of the Empower Therapy Association

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