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The MOST Powerful and effective Self-Healing System in the world or your Money Back!

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Do ANY of the following sound like you?

  • Do you ever think about whether you are making the most of your life?
  • Do you want to find your inner voice and the confidence to express yourself to the full?
  • Do you have a long-standing health issue that’s stopping you from being fulfilled?
  • Have you ever thought about what it would take to double your happiness or feelings of joy?
  • Have you got something to share with the world that’s not being expressed for whatever reason?
  • Is there a part of you that knows you can do something but another part that’s putting doubts in your mind and stopping you from even trying?
  • Is fear of failure, fear of getting something wrong, or fear of not making the best decisions, holding you back?
  • Do you long to be able to access higher levels of consciousness, and be in the NOW when you want to be?
  • Are you thinking that life has passed you by and whether you have mattered or made a difference in this world?
  • Do you want to be more present and connected with yourself and with the people you love?

If the Answer is "YES" to any of the above, the
Practitioner Disc could be the perfect Solution!

“Wow! I’m really impressed. I started doing the transformation programme and using the Practitioner Disc at the same time so it’s not clear to me which shifted stuff so rapidly or which caused the sensation of actually having programmes downloaded into me – really odd.

S Brailey - UK
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A Brief History Of The Empower Disc

There is nothing like the Empower Practitioner Disc in the world!

Unlike other technology like a washing machine, the Practitioner Disc is a part of a System of Self-Healing that has been developed over many years since 1991 when the first prototypes were created. When it comes to human beings, we are all unique and our experiences in life are subjective; this is why we never make any claims about our products and let the user decide on whether it’s right for them by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. You are not allowed to make claims about any kind of product for obvious reasons, and if I told you half of what people have said about this amazing technology you simply wouldn’t believe me, unless of course you had one!

I have been working hard on this device since January 5th 1999. It’s different to a regular Empower Disc in many ways, the big difference being it’s even easier to operate as it does 95% of the work for you compared with using some of our other devices. There is no need to give verbal instructions, although it will accept them. Nor do you have to know the cause of a problem in order to resolve it using your Higher Self. All you have to do is turn the wheel, and even then your Higher Self will tell you exactly when you should do that.

Imagine an entire library of encoded information at your fingertips, and the really cool thing is that you don’t need to know which programs are relevant to you, your higher self will automatically identify the ones you need.

Dr Daniel Rubins
I'm a Consultant and I'm Empowered

Melanie Williams
I'm a Professional Singer and I'm Empowered

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What does Empower Disc do?

We have all heard stories about mother's who were able to summon superhuman strength to save their babies from life threatening situations or Buddhist monks able to tolerate incredible levels of pain without breaking sweat! Many of these extraordinary events involve ordinary people who discover they have incredible abilities which have been accidentally triggered. It is therefore obvious that all humans possess innate abilities that most of us are totally unaware of and under the right set of circumstances it is possible to activate them!

When confronted with life threatening situations many people say that something inside them seemed to takeover and they went into a kind of auto pilot where they were merely an observer and it seemed that their body and mind new exactly what to do! It was as if they were able to access a different part of their brain which took over and did everything for them. We call this part of the mind the "Higher Self".

The Higher Self is an untapped resource that all humans possess and the Empower Disc is a key or switch that gives you instant access to its incredible abilities.

Hilary Knowles
I'm Retired and I Feel Empowered

My Name is Jo
I had Endometriosis of the Ovaries and now I don't.

How does the Empower Disc work?

Have you noticed that some people make you feel uncomfortable while others have a calming influence? That's because, although we cannot see them, everyone has a unique electromagnetic energy field that surrounds their body and what we are feeling is our energy field interacting with theirs. People with similar energy fields feel comfortable and relaxed around each other while people with conflicting energy fields feel uncomfortable in each others presence.

Some people like healers, have a unique energy field that seems to trigger other peoples natural self healing processes and can make you feel better in minutes. Other people have even more remarkable energy systems that allow others to access heightened states of awareness when they are in their presence. In simplistic terms the Empower Disc is a storage device for these energy patterns allowing the user to not only trigger spontaneous self-healing but instantaneously tap into the amazing power of their Higher Self.

The Empower Disc is self powered through its interaction with your energy field giving you access to your Higher Self and all that means. By following some very simple instructions you can do all kinds of completely natural but amazing things from high speed self healing to improved mental acuity.

The Empower Disc is truly amazing but it is you and not the disc that has the power to make the positive change, it is your own Higher Self that's relieving your pain, resolving the emotional issue and or making you feel better virtually instantaneously!

Two Versions of the Empower Disc
Available here as from 1st January 2017
Pricing And Online Content to be Announced

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with your Empower Disc!

Regular Empower Disc

Price to be announced 1st January 2017

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with your Trial Empower Disc!

Holographic Empower Disc

Available as from 1st January 2017

Empower Disc Users Comments

What Some Empower Disc Users Have to Say!

I am intrigued at the sensations I experienced. I felt tingling sensations, very hot hands and I seem to smile all the time, generally feeling happy in myself and enthusiastic... I have just done the 'unblocking your chakras' exercise. It's great, and didn't take that long! The sensations were lovely - little shudders here and there... When I cleansed my Aura it was amazing - I felt a real coolness surrounding me, like a light breeze, really lovely!

C. K. , Western Australia

Having lived with the pain and discomfort for so long with my frozen shoulder, I had forgotten what it was like to be pain free and enjoy the freedom of movement we all take for granted

D. N., Altrincham

I have been meditating for 20 years and have accomplished more in one week with the Disc than in all that time... The negative chatter-box in my head seems to have been replaced by a quite peaceful stillness...

C. T., Liverpool

My head moved from side to side, my leg started bending and I began to shake and then the pain went..(muscular back pain for 10 years)

H. B., Manchester

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