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Everyone who uses the Empower System is unique on an emotional, physical, as well as spiritual level. We really want you to enjoy using your Empower Device and will always try to help you get the most out of the system and your amazing connection with your Higher Self. Below you will find the most commonly asked questions and answers but if you require any further assistance please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page,

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Q: What can I do when I am not able to connect with my Higher Self properly? +
1. Changing locations
2. Changing the direction you are facing
3. Removing anything on your head
4. Keeping hydrated
5. Removing jewellery and shoes
6. Keep away from magnetic fields
7. Keep 6 feet or more from anyone else when Powering Up as other peoples fields can interfere
8. Try Power Up commands if the above doesn't work.
9. Ask Susanne to swipe from top of head down to floor front and back.
10. Place disc where the head connects with spine slightly to the right on level with centre of right ear.


Q: Should I wear shoes when I am standing in the Powering Up position? +

It makes little difference, however we recommend that you do not wear high heels.

Q: Can I wear my Empower Disc around my neck when I Power Up? +

If you position your disc so it rests level with your solar plexus then you do not need to hold it in the palm of your hand. I recommend that you try both methods and see which one works best for you.

Q: Can other people’s energy fields interfere with my connection to my Higher Self? +
In some cases yes they can, especially if they are negative and have a completely different frequency to you. On the other hand, some people’s energy fields can boost the positive effects. I always recommend standing at least 3 feet away from others.
Q: Does everyone feel something when they stand in the Powering Up Position? +
No, some people feel absolutely nothing when they stand in the Powering Up Position. This doesn’t mean they are not responding well to the chip or disc.
Q: I notice if I stand near certain people when I am using the disc or chip they can react, even start moving, is this normal? +
Yes, this can often happen in groups and even people that are not using the disc or chip can find themselves spontaneously moving and self-healing.
Q: Sometimes I am not sure if I am the one that is making things happen – is it possible that, because I believe, I am influencing it and making it work? +
After a while you will start to realise that you often respond in a completely different way to what you expected; this proves it’s your Higher Self that’s making things happen and not your conscious or subconscious mind.


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