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Empower Level 1 to Level 2 Upgrade

Once you have mastered the YES/NO Method you will be ready to learn all about and use Empower Commands, Advanced Programs and Techniques.

On this Level there are lots of amazing personal development tools, manuals, applications and an incredible Self-Healing audio program:

  • Manual: The YES/NO Method (NEW)
  • Manual: How Empower Commands Work (NEW)
  • Manual: How to Create Physical Anchors that Trigger Installed Programs
  • Manual: How to Release Blockages
  • Manual: Self Diagnostics & Discovering What You Need
  • Manual: The Physical Health & Well-being Program
  • Manual: The Good Mental Health Program
  • Manual: Inner Peace & Discovering Your Spiritual Side
  • Manual: ADHD Commands

Also included is the Empower Problem Shrinker System (Animated Version) which allows you to:

  • 01: Identifying Your Negative Emotions
  • 02: The Emotional Washing Machine
  • 03: Activating the Problem Shrinker
  • 04: How to Feel Good Fast!
  • 05: How to Remove Obsessive Thoughts
  • 06: How to Remove Irrational Fears
  • 07: How to Remove Performance Anxiety
  • 08: How to Overcome Low Self Esteem
  • 09: How to Overcome Addictions

Another very useful reference guide that's included on Level 2 is the Empower A to Z Of Command for Common Issues that includes unblocking charts that vary depending on the issue.

This powerful self and absent healing audio program utilizes the latest Empower electromagnetic encoding technology, allowing aches, pains as well as stress to simply melt away. It also allows you to send healing to others whether they be a few feet away or on the other side of the world. It contains 3 tracks: an introduction, a guided spoken word visualization as well as a subliminal track.

Access to all this amazing online content costs £47 and is just a few clicks away! Simply click on the BUY NOW PayPal button complete your purchase and all this content will be added to your membership!

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