What is it?

In 2000 as part of my research I tried to see if I could create an Empower Disc that was preprogrammed to enhance creativity, inspiration, motivation and intuition. As with many of my research projects, the development of the programming required to do this often takes many years - in the case the of this red disc, it took over 12 years! Unfortunately this particular batch of discs was very small and just 50 discs were made.

There are around 30 people worldwide using this disc and it has naturally found its way in to the hands of artist, writers, musicians, healers and others who work their magic from a special intuitive place deep inside. There are no special instructions or manuals for this disc, when you hold it, it has a different feel, a kind of character all of its own. When you Power Up with it, the first thing it does is enhance your connection with your creative and intuitive side. Then when you activate the Personal Transformation System its a bit like radically upgrading the processor and the ram on your computer making it much more powerful. Learn more.....

As there were only 50 made this is truly a limited edition and if you are interested in getting one you should do it sooner rather than later! The cost of this red disc is just £545.00 plus P&P and you can purchase one by clicking the Buy Now button below. As with all our products and services, use of this disc is subject to our online terms & conditions.

Please note that this disc is only available to existing Empower Disc users and does not included any online content.

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