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We are proud of the fact that so many doctors, therapists, personal development coaches, athletes and practitioners of all kinds, are using the Empower Disc and its associated products to help them in their work. But we are mindful of the fact that access to great power should bring with it an even greater duty of Responsibility.  It is imperative that no false claims are made, or that our products are misused or misrepresented - especially to people who are very often feeling vulnerable and helpless.

That is why the Empower Therapy Association is being established to regulate the use of our products and services world-wide. With board members from many different disciplines, we are building an organisation that understands and safeguards the needs of both therapists and the public when it comes to all things Empower.  The ETA is responsible for ensuring all practitioners who wish to use Empower Therapy in their work accept and adhere to our strict Code of Practice.

Protecting you!
Despite all best efforts, it has come to our attention that some healers are using our products and therapies without acknowledgement, or without the necessary training, Some are even using our products secretly, but attributing the benefits they are providing to a product or system they have devised themselves.  Whilst this is clearly fraudulent and detrimental to us financially, we are much more concerned about the fact that the Public is being duped into buying products that will not provide the benefits claimed once the ‘healer’ (and his/her secret Disc) is no longer present.

For this reason especially, the Empower Therapy Association would appreciate your help in identifying any unsanctioned demonstrations, Empower Therapy Courses and/or individuals who have not been sanctioned by the ETA to work with clients that are using our products and services.

Please click here for details of any current ‘black-listed’ individuals or companies.

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