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The more we know, the better we understand

From the beginning it has been very important for us to maintain a continuous programme of research and development.  We are constantly learning and striving to refine and simplify the Empower Process to make it accessible to more and more people.  That is why we regularly ask users of the Empower Disc and associated products to provide feedback using carefully constructed After-Care Questionnaires, designed to provide responses that are as objective as possible. These questionnaires ask various questions about the user’s health and well-being before and after using the Empower product - about how they used it and what the experience was like - and any physical reactions they may have had whilst using it.  Participation in this process is voluntary and the specific results remain totally confidential.  However, the more people that are prepared to provide feedback to the Empower Research Project - good or bad - the greater our chances of making the most beneficial improvements quickly, and the user experience being enhanced for everyone!

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