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From the beginning it has been very important for us to maintain a continuous programme of research and development.  We are constantly learning and striving to refine and simplify the Empower Process to make it accessible to more and more people.  That is why we regularly ask users of the Empower Disc and associated products to provide feedback using carefully constructed After-Care Questionnaires, designed to provide responses that are as objective as possible. These questionnaires ask various questions about the user’s health and well-being before and after using the Empower product - about how they used it and what the experience was like - and any physical reactions they may have had whilst using it.

Participation in this process is voluntary and the specific results remain totally confidential.  However, the more people that are prepared to provide feedback to the Empower Research Project - good or bad - the greater our chances of making the most beneficial improvements quickly, and the user experience being enhanced for everyone!

Current Online Research Experiment

Practitioner Disc Experiment - Please read instructions below before watching

If you're watching on your phone instructions are below this video.


This device is called an Empower Practitioner Disc. If you have any kind of pain and want to participate in a little healing experiment please think about the area of pain while watching this video.


1. Standing up then place or prop up your phone at eye level. Put both arms at your sides and watch video.

2. Place your phone on the point of pain while the video with sound is playing. Obviously this method means you’re not watching the video.

Over the past 35 years the Empower System has evolved dramatically from simple verbal communication in the form of precisely worded commands to direct non-verbal electromagnetic communication. This particular device uses a form of electromagnetic Higher Self communication where the user directs self healing energy and instructions through the energy field of the body by turning the inner wheel.

This system works on an electromagnetic level so the only way to boost the signal strength is to increase the volume, you can do this on any device. If you’re using a mobile phone you have an additional option to boost the signal by increasing the power consumption you can do this easiest by increasing the brightness.

Depending on what kind of phone you are using this could potentially increase the self healing signal to 8% of max. If you’re on a PC or laptop all you can do is increase the volume. If you want to try the boost turn the volume up on the last 11 o’clock pain relief symbol.

The idea is to test if the pain relief signal from this device can be transmitted through a video recording of the device being activated. Obviously if this works well for people we will look at doing the same for the thousands of other functions on the Practitioner Disc.

It means no limitations anyone with a phone or pc will be able to access the system. Hopefully some will find this helpful as well as interesting! If you can see the benefit and potential you could get involved with it’s promotion and systems development regardless of wherever you are in the world.

Please see our website T&C’s https://empowerdisc.co.uk/tcs/

Get a free Ebook on the Higher Self: https://cobyzvikler.com/wp.../uploads/2016/03/ktg-copy.pdf

From time to time before launching a new device or way of working we run extensive tests that can take years as well as experiments like the one below. Without your feedback I wouldn’t be able to properly calibrate our devices so thank you in advance for any feedback you can provide.

All simple experimental basic function tests are run at the very lowest system settings of the device which is around 5% of max to start with. You would be surprised how many incredible people use the system and I am so humbled to have been a small part of so many amazing personal development journeys!

You can email with any feedback on:

Best wishes

Currently Undergoing Research Trials

New Disc with a copper core layer being tested right now!

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