You have come to this site to find out more about a product for which some astonishing claims are being made. We know they may sound far-fetched at first, but it’s important that you keep an open mind - remember that 75 years ago, so did the idea of a computer!

What is it?

The Empower Disc is a small aluminium disc that has been ‘programmed’ by Coby Zvikler to enable you to connect with your ‘Higher Self’ - the rarely-accessed and almost impossible-to-describe ‘hidden power’ that everyone possesses, and which has the capacity to optimise every aspect of your mind and body. This is essentially the same ‘energy’ or ‘force’ to which we’re Buddhist Monks dedicate years of study, meditation and training in search of the secret to harnessing its extraordinary power. Now, thanks to the Empower Disc you can gain access to that power almost instantly!

The Disc is electromagnetically encoded and not energised like a crystal, talisman, silicon band, piece of jewelry or other so-called energised healing and/or self balancing tool etc. Energised products are like batteries where the charge only usually lasts a couple of weeks and then needs recharging. The Disc however is self-powered through its interaction with your own energy field. It therefore should last indefinitely (we know many that are 20 years old and still going strong), and because its programmes are constantly being updated through use, there should be no need to ever replace it (unless you lose it, or give it away!).

Discover How You Can Heal Yourself & Relieve Pain In Minutes...Without Drugs Or Side-Effects!

An Amazing Tool that Many Healers & Therapist Use to Trigger Spontaneous Self Healing!

What does it feel like?

How it feels depends on what you are using it for! Lets say you have a lower back problem, when you activate your disc you may feel a warm sensation in your back and then over a couple of minutes the pain melting away. However if you have an actual structural problem you will mostly find yourself spontaneously moving as your body releases blockages and puts things back into their correct position.

This process feels amazing and often like you are being healed by an electromagnetic force a similar sensation to magnets repelling each other!

What are the Side-Effects?

The most commonly used drugs can have side-effects that are far more debilitating than whatever we are using them for! This is the most natural drug-free way of triggering spontaneous self-healing in the body and mind and the only side-effect is feeling better!

If you have any kind of physical or emotional problem or simply want to feel better doesn't it make sense to try a natural solution first?

As a Small Child Coby Zvikler Exhibited Incredible Healing Abilities!

In 1991 while working with a Physiotherapist Coby Accidentally Discovered a way for everyone to access what he called "The Healing Effect". Learn about his amazing story in a free book........

How It All Started!

shows original research healing video!

We believe Coby is the only ‘healer’ to have ever made his ‘healing abilities’ available to so many ‘patients’ simultaneously in this way - without his having to be physically present. That ‘way’ is via the Empower Disc. To hear the fascinating story of how this unique method came about, we recommend you spare a few minutes to listen to this extract from one of Coby’s recent radio interviews...

IMPORTANT! Press play and listen to Coby’s story in his own words

You’ll discover that he’s a reassuringly down-to-earth, honest and ‘ordinary’ man who discovered at a very early age that (for reasons he didn’t understand) he had been born with some very unusual abilities. In later life it prompted him to dedicate nearly 25 years of research (so far) studying and honing those abilities - finding new and simpler ways to share them with us all. He is not driven by personal gain, but by a genuine desire to share his gift with as many people as possible. Coby believes that we all have innate self-healing abilities and that the Empower Disc and his other devices can give a person instant access.

These Discs are personal transformation tools that form part of a a self-healing system and Coby provides all users with free comprehensive online training.


Foreword By: Leslie Kenton (Author)
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Used by Thousands Of People World-Wide the Empower System Is Totally Unique!

When you see people spontaneously moving while their body is Healing Itself chances are whomever is doing the demonstration is using one of Coby Zvikler's amazing products!

What is the Disc programmed to do?

We need an analogy to help us here. Imagine for a moment your Higher Self is your own personal ‘internet’ which you carry around with you at all times, containing all the answers to everything you ever need to know. In order to get the maximum benefit from it you will need:

  • Like a super-fast broadband connection
    (with an unlimited data contract!)
  • Like an intelligent and intuitive web browser and search engine
    (the Internet's a really big place, so you don’t stand a hope of finding what you’re looking for if you don’t know where to look!)

So Coby has programmed the Disc to provide the broadband and search engine-equivalent functions that will allow us to access the specific physical, mental and spiritual healing and development powers we need, whenever we need them! In short, the Disc

  • Connects you to your Higher Self
    (we call this ‘powering up’), and
  • Takes you directly to the specific answers you’re seeking
    (by asking your Higher Self to ‘Give me what I need...’ )

Over the past 20 years or more, Coby has also been constantly developing what we might call ‘recommended searches’:

  • Programmes that provide solutions for a whole host of commonly encountered problems - a good example of this is the Personal Transformation System Learn more......

Try it for 30 Days and if you're not Amazed at the Results Just Send it Back!

When you don't understand the process, it may seem quite ridiculous that an aluminum disc could have any kind of healing effect on the human body!

What do users say?

There are hundreds of Empower Disc users all over the world from many different walks of life, including a surprising number of health care professionals. What’s important to remember is that none of them needed to believe that the Disc would work for them - because it works just as well for sceptics as it does for ‘believers’.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live or what you do for a living - no matter what’s troubling you, the Disc can help! We have literally hundreds of written testimonials on file. Click here to see a random selection....

It’s not the Disc itself that provides any healing that takes place. That comes from the amazing power and energy that lies deep within you! The Disc’s function is merely to help you connect with that energy - perhaps for the first time in your life - and then focus and harness it to help you achieve the specific outcome you seek or need. We wish you every success on that journey!

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