(By Coby Zvikler)


I started developing Empower Devices in 1991 and I have seen so many individuals and companies trying to mislead the public by using our products to energise everything from aluminium discs, silver and gold pendants, and all manner of other materials including wood, plastic and glass.

Some have copied my system word for word will others have tried to change bits of it or adapt it in some way. I am sad to say that all the ones I am aware of purchased our products as a distributor or practitioner - despite signing up to our code of practice and agreeing to our terms and conditions. There are a handful of individuals and companies we are currently pursuing for breach of contract and copyright infringement. These cases take many years to pursue and we find many of the individuals go bankrupt before the case gets to court!

What is an energised healing tool?
Our products are imprinted with electromagnetic information and when they enter a persons energy field they trigger what I like to call the healing effect while simultaneously connecting you to your Higher Self. If you were to stand near another person after activating your Disc and they give you their permission, a similar thing would happen to them.

If you told that person to hold something in their hand it would be easy for them to be fooled into thinking that whatever they were holding had some kind of power. IF you did a similar thing without getting them to hold an object it would still work and they would be easily fooled into thinking it was you that had super healing powers!

If an individual wears a Disc, especially the Practitioner Disc for extended periods the electromagnetic coding can remain in a person system fooling them into thinking the process is working without the disc and in a way it is. We have no problem with people helping others with the Disc but those people need to be made aware of what is happening.

Encoded verses energised products!
Encoded products like the Empower Disc take many weeks to program but could remain in a draw for over 10 years and work perfectly when you activate them. Energised products take about 15 seconds to make with a Practitioner Disc but leave them in a draw for 2 weeks and they will stop working!

I have heard such nonsense excuses from people selling these products when they stop working - here are the best ones I have heard so far!

  • They are programmed to stop working if you are negative
  • They are programmed to stop working if 2 touch each other - a problem if you are sending them out as a distributor don't you think?

These individuals will try to sell you courses or demo's with their product because they need to be near just in case they need to trigger the process themselves as described above. Our products don't work on everyone but over 95% of people do respond and get amazing results when the product is sent in the post with no contact with me or any other Empower Practitioner.


Be wary if you are told stand, hold or wear a pendant:

  • Round your neck
  • In your right or left hand
  • In both hands, cupped or with fingers and thumbs

If you find yourself involuntarily:

  • Rocking
  • Twisting
  • Bending
  • Getting hot
  • Being pushed or pulled
  • Be wary if you are told to shift your awareness to the point of the problem and or say a command / affirmation

What energised products are good?
The only energised rebalancing product I have seen that is not being touted as something its not is the Tesla Purple Plates which sell for around £6.00 maximum.

Original Empower Discs are cheaper the fake ones!
The strangest thing about some of these energised healing tools is that they are more expensive than the genuine article which cost just £25 for the IntroDisc and £250 for the RegDisc full version.

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