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The Empower Disc is a personal development tool and the key to the Empower System - which gives you instant access to your Higher Self and its amazing ability to trigger spontaneous involuntary self-healing within the body and mind.

As one of Coby's Facebook friends you may already know of the disc and how it was developed through his book the Key to Gabriel. The question is have you ever tried it for yourself?

If NOT then here is an incredible opportunity to trial the FULL System for 30 days as well as get 30% Discount off the usual price if you decide to keep it!

Here's What You Get Online with the Full System!

You will receive the Aluminum version of the Disc and a free Phone Disc by post as well as all these additional Level One oniine resources in our members area.


Here is a List Of What You Will Receive

These online resources include the Personal Transformation System, click the image below to learn more

By Post:




Click image to learn more

What is the Aluminum Disc & Full System For?

A whole of life personal development system with unlimited uses and potential

What Kind Of Issues is the Full System used for?

Your Higher Self is amazing and can help you resolve virtually any physical and or emotional issues in a fraction of the normal time. Here are just a few of the many reasons why people use our technology!

  • Back Problems
  • Neck & Shoulder Problems
  • Elbow, Arms & Hand Problems
  • Spine, Hip, Knee & Foot Problems
  • Arthritis & Joint Problems
  • General Structural Problems
  • All Kinds Of Physical Pain
  • Fear, Anxiety and Phobias
  • Procrastination, Apathy
  • Physical Mental and Emotional Stress
  • Letting Go Of Negative Past Events
  • Learning Issues
  • Bad Habbits & Addictions
  • All Kinds Of Emotional Pain

Who usually buys the Full System?

From time to time people from all walks of life get physical and or emotional problems! Sometimes this is a blessing in disguise as it forces you to slow down take stock and consider whats best for you in that moment. Empower products have helped people from all walks of life:

  • People that want to heal themselves
  • People that want to heal others
  • Proffessional Healers
  • Alternative Health Practitioners
  • Business & Personal Development Coaches
  • Athletes & Coaches
  • Doctors & Nurses
  • Students & Teachers
  • Artists & Writers
  • Reiki Practitioners & Meditaters

Whats Included with the Full System?

A whole of life personal development system with unlimited uses and potential

To begin with, you get an ‘instruction manual and workbook’ which explains exactly how to use and get maximum benefit from your Disc. You really are going to need to read this - it’s not like a user manual for a fridge (which is usually the first thing you throw away when you open the box!) It’s very simple to follow and guides you every step of the way. You will also receive an online copy of Coby Zvikler's book "the Key to Gabriel" which tells his amazing story.

On purchasing your Disc you become a member of the Empower Disc ‘family’, with access to a vast repository of tutorials, videos and added-value products including a self-help audio library with 12 titles and the incredible Personal Transformation System via our members-only website. It also gives you access to members forums on Facebook that allow you to share your experiences with other users, as well as benefiting from theirs.

And you get a NO-QUIBBLE 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you’re not completely satisfied.

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: In addition to whats usually included with the full system we are currently offering a FREE PhoneDisc worth £30.


Get A Free Upgrade After 30 Days!

After 30 Days get this advanced Manual on how to have two-way conversation with your Higher Self

Devices like the IntroDisc and the PhoneDisc run entirely on the pre installed programs! They are simply a quick way to activate the automated healing process in the body in order to relieve pain and or reduce stress and anxiety.

The Aluminum Disc (FULL System) however is a fully interactive tool and will allow you to have a two-way conversation with your own Higher Self. This Disc includes all you need to install many of the amazing programs that have been developed by Coby over the last 25 years.

After 30 days once you have experienced the positive results of using these automated programs, we will introduce you to the full Higher Self experience and show you how to have an actual two-way conversation with this incredible aspect of who you are! This manual wil take you through this simple step by step process.


For a very limited time we are also offering anyone who purchases the FULL System a FREE IntroDisc to give to a friend and or family member!

Get these free BONUS DISCS worth £55 when you purchase the FULL System for £175 plus P&P.


  • Empower Disc & (FREE Phone Disc - Limited Time Offer)
  • FREE IntroDisc to give to family or friends, complete with
  • Special IntroDisc Greetings Card
  • Empower Membership
    Access to the Members Area of this website and within it, all the instructional and support collateral required to derive maximum benefit from the Empower Disc, including:
  • Quick Start online Manual
  • Quick Start online workbook
  • Quick Start online Video Tutorials
    (see video on Home page) 
    This Personal Development System has been developed over the last 2 decades and uses all your senses to send a series of powerful instructions to your Higher Self, allowing you to make positive changes, in 12 key areas of your life:
  • Unlock Your Inner Power & Motivation
  • The Magical Power Of Happiness
  • Love Yourself From The Inside Out
  • Program Your Mind For Success
  • Attracting Positive Abundance
  • Positive Health & Well-Being
  • Magical Relationships
  • Successful Careers
  • Get Rid Of Bad Habits
  • Develop Enhanced Learning Skills
  • Spiritual Development
    • 12 Self-Help Audio Programmes (worth £12.95 each). These comprehensive programmes are in 3 parts and are free to download for Empower Disc members (more details opposite)
      • Relieve Stress & Anxiety
      • Build Self Confidence
      • Stress Free Exams (Learning)
      • Improve Your Memory
      • Carefree Flying
      • Interview Confidence
      • Stop Smoking
      • Lose Weight
      • Sleep Well
      • Be More Positive
      • Learn To Relax
      • Overcoming Phobias
  • Membership of the Empower Therapy Association
    The ETA regulates and controls the use of Empower Therapy and provides a Code of Conduct to which users of all Empower products are expected to adhere (see ‘Reassurance’ tab above)

The Members Area is divided into sections relating to each product in the Empower range, so your membership only provides access to the areas you’ll need to derive maximum benefit from the product you’ve chosen. General information relating to Empower Therapy, its uses, history and development is accessible to all in the public area of the site.

* The ‘Higher Self’ is the name we use for the extraordinary, intelligent and benign power that Empower Therapy has shown every human being to possess. It is this powerful force to which we attribute the many otherwise inexplicable feats of self-healing that are witnessed by Disc users the world over.

1. Read and accept our terms and conditions

1. Acknowledgement, and Acceptance of Terms of Use.
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5. 30-day Money Back Period
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9. Membership to Empower Research Project
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b. Live Courses, Limitation Of Liability:
Should any live course be cancelled for any reason by the company, the company will issue a full refund of the purchase price of the course. In such circumstances the company shall not be held liable for any damages or consequential losses incurred by the customer, in out of pocket travel expenses and/or any other costs that may be incurred. The customer, member or user hereby acknowledges and accepts that after attending a course they will no longer be entitled to any form of refund.

12. Indemnification
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14. Complete Agreement
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15. Enforcement Of this Agreement
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16. Mediation
Any claim, dispute or controversy, whether in contract, tort, pursuant in law or regulation or otherwise, and whether pre-existing, present or future, arising out of or relating to this Agreement, will be referred to and determined by arbitration to the exclusion of the courts. You agree to waive any right you may have to commence or participate in any class action against us related to any claim and, where applicable, you also agree to opt out of any class action proceeding against us. Should you believe that you have a claim, you must give written notice to the company of your intention to mediate, and similarly, the Empower Research Project will do the same with you. The mediation shall be applicable to the laws and rules relating to commercial arbitration in the United Kingdom.

17. Offers that include more than one Empower Disc on same membership
When purchasing an Empower Disc Membership you will have the option to get extra Empower Disc's at a discounted rate, on the same membership login details. This option is designed for people in the same household, and all users are accepting the above by selecting this option. Please note that with this option (multiple discs on the same membership) you will only receive one free bonus offer if applicable with your order.

18. Offers that include more than one Empower Disc for friends and family
When purchasing additional Empower Discs and or other products and services for family members or friends, the purchaser is responsible for obtaining confirmation that the new user accepts all the terms and conditions outlined on this page.

19. Additional Terms & Conditions applicable to anyone acting as a distributor
Additional terms and conditions apply to anyone distributing and or demonstrating any of our products or services to a third party. Please click here for further details.

20. Jurisdiction and Governing Law
This Agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom. You agree and acknowledge that your use of any products and/or Services, the Empower Research Project and the Site shall be deemed to have occurred and taken place within the United Kingdom.


The RegDisc costs £175.00 but different Post & Packing charges apply for UK (£5.95), EU (14.95) and the rest of the world (£20.95), so
2. First select the Region that applies to your order and click Buy Now to go to PayPal where you can then select the quantity of Discs you require.

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Please read our terms & conditions as well as disclaimer before purchase.