The Gabriel Network Seminar

It is said that people like Tesla, Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci received their ideas fully formed in their minds eye and the work of articulating and or expressing what took moments to visualise came later. This is an amazing example of Higher Self communication in action not only helping the individual but the world. Knowledge without experience sounds like a ridiculous concept but some how certain people's Higher Selves have access to it. It is more a question of the person being able to understand what they are given than the ability to receive the information.

Our Higher Self is more powerful than any super computer but the information we need to resolve a specific issue or achieve a desired result isn't always stored on the hard drive. There seems to be the energetic equivalent  of a Higher Self internet, vast networks or streams of information that a Higher Self can tap into. This information highway is vast and quantum based, a place where everything that could be known is waiting to be discovered by whomever is able to access it understand and use it. The Gabriel Network is just one of hundreds if not thousands of these information streams. I would say it is the most compatible and easy to use network available to our Higher Self, able to provide any missing information not contained in the Higher Self equivalent of a hard drive. Enough information to resolve most issues and help us achieve our goals given our present state of evolution.

What you are going to learn:

At this seminar you will learn:

  • YES/NO Method Refresher Demo
  • What is the Gabriel Network
  • What are the rules associated with downloading programs
  • How to access the Gabriel Network
  • How to identify missing programs in your system
  • How to download missing programming
  • How to download life enhancing programming

Seminar Information

This is a very important one day Foundation Course as it gives you access to a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to Higher Self communication. Knowing how to access the Gabriel Network and download programs when you need to will make all our other courses run more smoothly.


09:30AM: Registration
10:00AM: Course
:15AM: Break
11:30AM: Course
14:00PM: Course
15:15PM: Break
15:30PM: Course

Cost Of Seminar:

This seminar costs £85.00. This includes refreshments at break times however please bring a packed lunch. Alternatively you may choose to eat at one of the many local cafe bars and restaurants.

The Next Event:

The next seminar date to be announced:


All attendees must be preregistered for this seminar online. Please click on the link below to book your place today.

Please note that the Minimum age for this seminar is 17 and they must be accompanied by a older family member.

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