By Coby Zvikler 

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States involved in this process:

  1. Thought - Through stimulation
  2. Emotion - A reaction to stimulation 
  3. Absence - The space between 1 & 2
  4. Thoughtlessness - Nothingness 

The theory: When the mind accepts none existence it short-circuits and reboots, clearing active patterns and returning to a more none reactive state. 

There are different types of reboot:

  1. Soft: Like antivirus software 
  2. Hard: A factory default restore

For obvious reasons I am only going to show you how to do a soft reboot.

Step 1.
Find a place to Lie down where you will not be disturbed up to an hour or so.

Step 2. Positioning & Preparation
If you have an Empower Disc activate the relieve stress function first as it will assist with the following process. 

The Process:
Lie on your back with both hands on your chest, over your Solar plexus. Place your right hand on your chest first then your left hand over your right.  Now focus on your Solar plexus. You should start to notice your chest getting hotter. Practice this 4 or 5 times before moving onto the next step.

Step 3. Visualisation
I will be developing an audio to assist this process but here is what you do:

What are we trying to do?
When the mind is unable to, accept a concept, specifically "Nonexistence" it  gets confused to the point where it try's to ignore it and when that's not possible, it attempts to reset itself.

Choosing your preferred visualisation:

  1. Imagining you are made of something instantly flammable, something that would instantaneously disintegrate if on fire.
  2. Imagining you are made of something so light that it can be blown away by the slightest breeze, e.g. leaves or dust.
  3. Imagining you are water lying in an indentation on a sandy beach. Then at any moment a wave could come and take you out to sea and nothingness.

In each of the above scenarios the more you are able to accept that you are nothing and are going back to nothing the more your mind gets to the point that it needs to reboot. 

If you have a disc you can simply command your Higher Self to make you accept you are nothing becoming nothing and as a result trigger a reboot.

Please try each of the above. The more you can convince your mind that what is happening is real the easier it is to trigger a reboot.

The reason for introducing this to you:
I was thinking of creating guided visualisations for these 3 soft reset programs and would love your feedback regarding whether you think people might be interested in them or coming on a course to explore this process.

Thank you for your feedback!


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