Becoming an Empower Practitioner is simple because the technology is so advanced that it does 95% of the work for you. All an Empower Practitioner needs to do is explain a very simple process to their client and help them complete a personal development plan and the Practitioner Disc does the rest.


Do you think you could do this?

  • Be supportive and friendly like a personal trainer in your local gym
  • Talk a client through multiple choice questions
  • Help a client complete a Personal Development Plan
  • Show a client how to stand while operating the Practitioner Disc
  • Show a client how to access the Programs they need using the Practitioner Disc

The Practitioner Disc is much easier to operate than a regular Empower Disc as the technology does all the work for you! All you have to do is talk your client through the process and support them if needed arises.


Advantages of becoming a Practitioner

There are lots of advantages to becoming an Empower Disc Practitioner here are just a few:

  • No need to learn any psychological techniques
  • No need to learn technical jargon or terminology
  • No need to read lots of training manuals
  • No need for your client to disclose any personal information
  • You can learn the basics and get started within 4 Days
  • One simple method for resolving physical issues
  • One simple method for resolving emotional issues
  • Works even if your client doesn’t want to discuss their experiences


The Rewards of Being an Empower Practitioner

In life depending on our personal situation we all have differing priorities, and what’s important to us can vary from person to person. The great thing about becoming an Empower Practitioner is, that it appeals to most people’s goals and aspirations on many levels. As a Practitioner you can:

  • Help lots of people in a deep and meaningful way!
  • Less pressure because the technology does all the work
  • No need to read lots of training manuals
  • Fit your practise around your personal schedule
  • An option to specialise in a specific subject
  • Work Part-time or Full-time
  • One simple method for resolving emotional issues
  • Earn upto £60 per hour for your time


The Profile of an Empower Practitioner

Whatever you are looking for in life, learning to become an Empower Practitioner could make all the difference and get you closer to your goal in a fraction of the normal time.

  • A person who cares about others
  • A person that wants to become successful
  • A person who likes to learn something new every day
  • A person who enjoys seeing others become successful
  • A person with a high level of integrity
  • A person who wants to make the most of his or her life

If you currently fit, or would like to fit this profile, becoming an Empower Practitioner could be for you.


What we offer!

  • Training directly from the creator of the Empower Technology – Coby Zvikler
  • Personal attention targeted to your needs
  • Small class sizes (Maximum 18 Students)
  • A qualification that means something
  • A unique product/service that gets results
  • The possibility to fulfil your potential as a respected healthcare professional
  • Business Start up advice and back up
  • A professional image
  • Financial assistance if required

The Practitioner Disc (PD) is the MOST advanced piece of technology we have ever produced it makes becoming an Empower Practitioner a simple process for most people regardless of their background. If you are already a therapist, have academic qualifications or are just starting out, becoming an Empower Practitioner (Disc) could turn you into a world class trainer in less than 6 months.


  • How to talk to your client and explain the technology
  • How to complete a client confidential personal assessment form
  • How to Remove Blockages when dealing with health issues
  • How to show your client how he or she should operate the Practitioner Disc
  • What each of the functions of the Practitioner Disc do and when to activate them
  • How to correct physical problems
  • How to resolve emotional issues
  • Financial assistance if required
  • How to remove an unwanted behaviour or bad habit
  • How to operate the Practitioner Disc during a typical RESET session
  • How to program an Empower Disc using the Practitioner Disc
  • How to identify issues, strengths and weaknesses
  • Set Up your Empower Practice
  • How to obtain updates FREE online
  • How to get client referrals


If you already have the Practitioner Disc (Self Use) Version and would like to learn how you can use it on clients we have a 4 day Certified Course – after which you will be able to use your Practitioner Disc one-on-one with clients. Once you have attended the course, additional support materials; manuals, videos etc. relating to what you have learnt on the course, will be available to you 24/7 from the Members Area of this site.

What you will receive on the course:

  • Instruction Manual
  • Support Liturature
  • Cirtificate Of Attendence
  • An Original Coby Card
  • An Original Power Disc

The Latest Practitioner Disc Updates

Practitioner Disc is continuously evolving, every Practitioner Disc Course is unique, that’s why we often get lots of existing practitioners attending each year. Existing Practitioners can attend this course for half the lowest discounted price, for example this year that would be just £300.00. Existing Practitioners can access this offer through the Practitioner Level 1 Members Area.

I haven’t Got a Practitioner Disc!

If you are attending this course you obviously need a Practitioner Disc which you should buy before the course and have been using on yourself for at least 6 weeks.

Reserve your place.

As the Practitioner Disc has been available for 6 years and we have a lot of interest and people who have been waiting, in some cases for years, to attend this course, as a result we have decided to make the course first come first served and are limiting the attendance to a maximum of 18 students.


We will be providing refreshments during regular breaks however you should bring a packed lunch. Alternatively you are free to visit one of the many local restaurants, bistros etc.

Course Dates.

The course will take place over 4 consecutive days – (The next course is in (February or March 2020) please check this page again over the next few weeks for further information) –  Course Start/Finish Times: from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Special Early Bird Offer

The cost of the Practitioner Disc Course should be £1100.00, next year (February/March 2020) the course will cost just £550.00. PLUS if you purchased your Practitioner Disc within the last 2 years you will receive an additional £100 off, costing you just £450.00.

Refresher course for existing Practitioner Level One students: You can retake the course which is being constantly updated for just £275.

We will automatically send emails out regarding bookings etc to all members closer to the time!


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