You have come to this site to find out more about a product for which some astonishing claims are being made. We know they may sound far-fetched at first, but it’s important that you keep an open mind - remember that 75 years ago, so did the idea of a computer!

What is it?

The Empower Disc is a small aluminium disc that has been ‘programmed’ by Coby Zvikler to enable you to connect with your ‘Higher Self’ - the rarely-accessed and almost impossible-to-describe ‘hidden power’ that everyone possesses, and which has the capacity to optimise every aspect of your mind and body. This is essentially the same ‘energy’ or ‘force’ to which we’re Buddhist Monks dedicate years of study, meditation and training in search of the secret to harnessing its extraordinary power. Now, thanks to the Empower Disc you can gain access to that power almost instantly!

The Disc is encoded and not energised like a crystal or other so-called energised healing tool. Energised products are like batteries where the charge only usually lasts a couple of weeks and then needs recharging. Beware of these fakes, they could have been programed by an Empower Disc but they wont last long. The Disc however is self-powered through its interaction with your own energy field. It therefore should last indefinitely (we know many that are 20 years old and still going strong), and because its programmes are constantly being updated through use, there should be no need to ever replace it (unless you lose it, or give it away!).

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The Empower Disc is only available through registered Empower Practitioners or through this website.
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